Decided my old trusty i7 920 pc has had it's day, so, time for something new. Very new. Very... radical. A totally silent PC!

That's right. Silent. 0db. No moving parts at all (save my 5Tb removable back-up drive).

Here's the bits:

Nofan CS-80 Fanless Computer Case
Nofan P-500A Silent 500W Fanless 80+ GOLD PSU
ASUS PRIME H370-A ATX LGA1151 Motherboard
Intel 8th Gen Core i7 8700 3.2GHz 65W UHD 630 12MB 6 Cores 12 Threads CPU
Nofan CR-95C Black Pearl IcePipe 95W Fanless CPU Cooler
Corsair DDR4 Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) Memory Kit
Palit GeForce GTX 1050 Ti KalmX Fanless 4GB GDDR5 Graphics Card
Samsung 970 EVO 1TB Phoenix M.2 NVMe SSD (3400/2500)
Samsung 850 EVO 500Gb (for documents backup)

Here's what the inside looks like:

For those who may be sceptical about how a fanless PC can run cool, here's the current temps:



Boot time is around 7 seconds, shutdown time >1 second.

Handy features of the case include a removable 'EZ-Swap' drive bay system with a removable side door so you can just plug/unplug drives at will. This is what I'm doing with my backup drives - just plug them in as I need them (HDs are noisy!)

Very pleased with it so far

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on Aug 18, 2018

Fuzzy....none of your pics is showing...

on Aug 18, 2018

Fuzzy....none of your pics is showing...

on Aug 18, 2018

Yeah, it's like we're denied permission or something.

on Aug 18, 2018

Even the bits in the pics are quiet.  I can't even see them they're so quiet.

on Aug 18, 2018

Is that better? I've even removed the corrupt smilies. Forgot how shite this site is...

on Aug 18, 2018

Snazzy machine, now that we can see it!  

on Aug 18, 2018

Holy mackerel is the video card encased in a giant heatsink? Pretty nice setup indeed.

on Aug 18, 2018

My old thing is near enough to silent.  The only time you hear fans is at boot...then everything just goes back to idle.  One of the advantages of having a bigger PSU than you'll ever tax. [not to mention a serious case that is its own heatsink] ...

on Aug 19, 2018

Very cool (no pun intended).

I very much like quiet PCs.

I'll take a slight hit to max perf to get a quieter PC any day.

on Aug 19, 2018

I would take the extra performance myself.

on Aug 19, 2018

A very nice machine indeed, Fuzzy.  Looks real nice.  However, I'm not too worried about fan noise, etc.... gotta have some sound to remind me that I'm alive.  

Seriously, my Coolermaster Cosmos II and Thermaltake Level 10 cases are very quiet, despite each having several fans and HDDs.  In the Cosmos II the OS runs on a M.2 SSD and the HDDs are generally idle unless I need to use one.  In the Level 10 the OS runs on a M.2 SSD mounted on a PCIE card... mobo doesn't have a slot.  Again, the HDDs are idle and silent unless I need to use one.

Anyhow, congrats on a nice build.  


on Aug 20, 2018

There's a difference between quiet and silent. Despite how quiet HDs are, I can still hear them  

Thanks to the case's removable drive caddies and EZ-Swap system I only need to connect an HD when I need to do backups. Adds extra security too - if my pc does get hit by some nasty my extensive security misses, my backup drive is disconnected and therefore safe.

Oh, and it plays games really well. Doom 2016 is fabulous looking and so smooth.

on Aug 20, 2018

Fuzzy Logic

There's a difference between quiet and silent. Despite how quiet HDs are, I can still hear them

Your hearing must be better than mine.  I generally hear little to nothing from either of my main PCs.  Mind you, both are very well insulated, especially my Cosmos II, which has heavy duty casing and dual layer doors to muffle most sound. 

Okay, maybe neither machine is totally silent, but they're both well within being tolerable as far as noise goes.  Put it this way, I rarely if ever hear them.  Mind you, I'm having to rebuild the Cosmos II case because I had to replace the previous mobo due to a fault that wouldn't allow the BIOS to post.

The replacement board, an ASUS ROG Crosshair Extreme VI, has a different design to the Crosshair Hero VI I had before, and the BIOS posts okay.  I'm going to load Windows on that machine when I'm done here at WC.  However, I doubt that the change of mobo will affect the level of noise ... or should I say the lack of it.

on Aug 21, 2018

When I wake up in the morning I have to check the LEDs are on to know the computer's still it does 24/7/365.

I believe the CPU fan's at around 500rpm but it's inaudible.

If I stick my ear against the 6 HD rack I can just hear the inlet/outlet fans for the stack...and the HDs are spun-down so they're silent....and the OS itself is on a M.2.

It really helps when your case is made from aluminium plate and not aluminium or steel sheet...

on Aug 22, 2018


For making your own New PC, you have to include a Processor, Motherboard, RAM, Power supply, Storage and Case.

What about the HDD, SSD or M.2 SSD?  Gotta have one of those to load the OS on, right?